A professional network - showing more than just people
Where many other professional networks tend to drown in complexity, Dynasource is offering structure and insight. In featuring not just professional profiles, nut also the company they together form. Going from professional to company to community - clusters of collaborating companies.
A professional is a combination of skills. And, in the end, so is an industry. So converting this to a platform structure would offer users to literally dive into the status quo of companies and teams. But where we initially thought everyone should see the same - we came to see it's a bit more... complex.
different views
Adding layers makes for functional diversity. But is also invites complexity. Not everyone wants the same, not all personas need to see or do the same. The challenge was coming to one interface that would fit them all.
User centric by design
Researching the personas brought us many answers. The platform now offers what each user needs by leaving out what you don't care about. Looking at what people do everyday versus what content never changes - and therefore is less important to see all the time.
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