It's me workshopping, on a different project though

Helping you build your house
Startup HOOMCTRL facilitates housing development corporations with a process- and task-oriented tool for the house owners. I analysed strategy and scope and did their wireframes. Workshops made us see the service combines shop and ticketing functionalities; all I had to do was make it intuitive.

Client/user relation with (in this case) opposite perspectives

prototyping in axure
Why prototyping? Because you want to test your ideas. They might seem useful and self-explanatory to you, but the product needs rapid validation. HOOMCTRL wasen't easy in wanting to bridge between the digitally archaic construction-world and the confused user. The orange track shows the first time user-story; the pink is stands for the returning visitor.
never forget copy
Although we initially set out to develop a more intuitive interface, we came to also advise on copy. The exact type of relationship as desired by the client, heavily depends on the tone of voice. In this specific case, information and explanation plays a major part. We included the copy brief in the Axure wireframes.
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