user-centric app concept pitch
Multi app strategy for OHRA
OHRA is one of Hollands biggest insurance companies. Traditionally, they see digitalisation as a way to enable existing clients to access their information. The Mobile Company is responsible for their apps and I worked on their pitch concept to increase OHRA’s app strategy.
Experience should be timely
Insurance should feel ensuring. What might sound like an open door, does require more than access. Offer existing and non-clients smart services in the form of apps and you’ll find people thinking about the brand way more often. The company is considered in a far more positive light now their services are not just linked to accidents and ad hoc rush. It’s now building a relationship based on frequent use in a positive context.
Knowing is caring
Dealing with things (and animals) you care about requires two things: knowledge and attention. Knowledge stands for knowing how it works, what to be warned for, how to treat it right. OHRA knows these things, so they can share information with you. So you get a better relationship with what you already care about - and OHRA helped you do it.
Pay more attention, less cash
The same goes for “attention”: digital services can facilitate you in keeping track of what you love. Wasen’t that the point all together? You want to pay for the well being of what you love - not for restoring it - too late. And the fun thing is - once you increase the amount of time spent with insured item - the lesser the chance anything happens to it. Don’t they call that a win-win?
Commissioned by The Mobile Company
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